Friday, October 28, 2011

No reason really

Still no sign of the promised "body of work" posted here, just a bunch more of the rawest material from studio #220. There's no show coming up, no gallery, so what's the point. well not really, but I lost the thread and have no reason for keep doing what i thought i was doing. The white paint is coming out again. Stay tuned.
Though only dashed off and often without much of a plan, i like them. There's more of an concrete idea here somewhere and there are many more like 'em. I hope to work by side of the transparent paper to more effect.
tumbling downtown

Transparency sketches

place behind a mask
 a crumb bumble
 enmesh yes
 inside out portrait
 the moment on the lips
 mouth off
 Over the shoulder side b
 Over the shoulder side a

 sharing the plain
 and again the wild ride
Star what you eat