Wednesday, November 2, 2011


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Chris said...

I wrote something here (and later deleted) the other day about painting and urgent need to say and do many things in a painting and further wondered how is this reconciled with the necessity for clarity? I and the imagined audience value clarity and I also value such a reconcilation. I continue to agree with the basic conclusions I came up with but I believe it was a mangled the articulation. No one read it of course so who cares right? Well I guess I do for some reason. As evidence of this I've edited what I came up with. I have identified two solutions. One being that, because over the course of many years I have learned that I cannot ever satisfy or tame the urgency I feel, I must work on over-sized canvases that will physically exhaust the urgency. Second, because I am never satisfied and clarity is a necessity, I must ultimately paint over everything I make in a single color, probably in white.